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Why so many tough moments in life?

I experienced some hardship and very tough moments recently and I am grateful for them  (and all those before!). I needed a lot of courage to face and own what I had created in my life but the strength and expansion these hard moments allowed me to take are unmeasurable.  

We can choose to live life through the lens of the difficult moments or circumstances, play the victim and allow them to have power over our happiness and experience of life. Or we can choose to use them as...

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5 Simple Questions to Breakthrough Your Resistance

I learned that life is about transforming through our life experiences. There is no point in attaching ourselves to what was or what can be. 

We are here to learn, change and grow. We make things much harder on ourselves when we resist our growth…and all for nothing. 

Look at your life right now and ask yourself these questions: 

  • What are you justifying?
  • What are you blaming? 
  • What are you denying?
  • What do you keep replaying in your mind?
  • What are you trying to...
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