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Activate Your Awareness


Over the course of 21 days, you will be taken through 7 steps that will bring you awareness about what is creating chaos, confusion, or the feeling of being stuck, by slowing down and getting out of your head and connecting with your heart (or self).


Your Journey to Freedom


This transformative coaching program is designed for people who are open, ready and committed to their own self-evolution process and want to access the next level in their lives.  You will learn how to free yourself from the grip of society’s “rules” and let go of any undesirable patterns that are unconsciously running your life.


Mastering Your Humanness


Very few programs will teach you how to dig for the driving force of your clients' energy blocks. In Mastering Your Humanness, you will learn how to pull your clients out of their story and dig for the real energy creating their experience to allow them to heal and transform beyond what they could ever imagine. 

Begins April 22nd, 2022


Transformational Tarot

Tarot has been used for centuries to tell the future and know our faith.  I believe that we are in charge of our destiny which means we have the power to create the life we want.  Instead of being “told” what is going to happen, Transformative Tarot is about understanding the truth about the situation and the best course of action for you to move forward in alignment with your true self.  With the help of the cards, I will help you uncover what is not working to your advantage, what is blocking you and keeping you small so you can make a conscious choice so you can move forward in a way that is aligned with YOU.

If you are ready to transform your life with the help of the Tarot cards and some coaching around it, click here.


I am excited to finally be offering these online and virtual courses! I’ve been wanting to touch more people and this is how I can finally do it.

I’ve dedicated my life to my own self-evolution in order to serve the best way I can. So I’ve done certifications, self-study and invested time and energy working with my own coach and mentor with whom I still work with to this day. I continue this process as I know I cannot lead someone past my own evolution point. 

It is important to me to offer deep transformational programs that are also affordable for anyone who is open, ready, and committed to their own self-evolution process. You have the choice between self-study, group or one-on-one so pick what best suits you!   

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

- Julie Anne :-)

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