Walking the bridge from an ending to a new beginning…

This is the journey that scares most of us. It feels like we are leaving something behind. Often, we can’t see clearly ahead, we’re not sure where to go, what to do or what feels right. 

Learning to walk that bridge is crucial, especially with all the major changes humanity is going through and its impact on us Humans. How not to fall under the influence of others and old patterns. We need to learn how to be courageous, strong, determined and patient.  Learning to listen to what is good for us. 

Walking the bridge is where we shed the old, build new muscles and allow our true essence to shine. It happens one step at a time. One new thought, feeling and/or action at a time. It’s with the accumulation of new thoughts, feelings and actions that new muscles are built and a new way emerges. 

I know for myself, wanting to get out of a deeply rooted pattern of wanting to be important for someone, I had to be in a place where I was willing to be in my Truth. The truth about what I had created and destroyed. It takes a lot of courage and strength to look and own what you did, especially when it’s not nice and it impacts others. I had to be patient because the road to creating my new beginning was long. Determination was key in wanting to expand and truly experience freedom and fulfillment. Without honesty, patience, determination, strength and acceptance (owning), I would not have been able to emerge on the other side. I understood that it’s by tuning in and using those inner gifts that you discover who you truly are and what you’re capable of. 

Your true self doesn’t show up one day and Ha LaLa!  Here you are.  It is built, one choice at a time. It’s with every new choice that a new beginning emerges. 

If you are in a similar place, don’t stay on this road alone. We all need someone to guide us. The light on the other side is worth experiencing and it doesn’t have to be hard and scary. 

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