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What is Required of Your Right Now?

I have been connecting with many people on social media and with many of my clients recently, and the common ground has been that most people are feeling something brewing but they are not quite clear what… 

Have you been feeling it? The uncertainty, instability, rebelliousness, the hatred, the anger generated by old imposed ways and the injustice caused by the demand and command for people to obey and conform?

This is our time to rise and stand in an energy of compassion, support...

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What does sharing really mean? I am more specifically talking about sharing in a relationship, but sharing is sharing so this concept can apply to any kind of sharing.

Here is what I am discovering.

It takes a strong and emotionally balanced person to share deeply and consciously. Sharing an experience or sharing part of yourself with someone means exchanging and exposing yourself to another on a deep level, knowing your value and what you have to offer. 

It requires you to know what you...

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