There’s no going back!

The leaders are trying to bring life back to “normal”... Have you realized that “normal” (or what I call “old ways of being”) means consuming, spending on unnecessary things, bossing 8-9 hours a day obeying and conforming, running around constantly chasing your tail. For those with young kids, it’s also doing homework and driving them to activities before even having cooked dinner! I’m drained just thinking about this. It all seems so outdated.

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You Don't Need the Past to Define Who You Are Now

awakening change Apr 04, 2016

Many of us are starting to wake up to the fact that something feels out of alignment. It’s not really clear what but something is off.

Some of us feel icky and confused, others feel frustrated with the way they live and some simply know something has to change. The one thing they all have in common is they know they are meant to “be more”.

This is the first sign of awakening. The first sign of you noticing that you have let events, circumstances and people tell you who to...

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