We contribute to Humanities’ evolution by teaching, decoding and translating to our clients the tools we were given as humans (A.K.A. our emotions, ego, intuition) to help them navigate their lives and align their Humanness with their Being-ness (soul).

Change Revolution™ is about taking control of your life

You are not what you were told. You are not your title, your job, your relationship and you ARE NOT what people decide about you.

Is it your time to create your personal Change Revolution? 

Every single one of my clients has shared with me a version of these statements:

  • “There must be more to life then this.”
  • “I feel like there is something missing and feel alone.”
  • “I want more.”
  • “I am done living my life the way I am but I don’t know what to do to change it.” 

How can you navigate your way out of your current circumstance and consciously step into the life you dream of living?”

I have answers. I have tools. I have the life experience. I revolutionized my own transformation and now I send ripples out into my world by helping people just like you to change, grow and receive.

Julie Anne Christophe knew from a very early age that she did not fit into society’s box, nor did she care to. In the span of 8 months she left a broken marriage, got stuck with a money pit of a house, lost a bundle in a failing business, and ended up both financially and spiritually empty – with two kids to care for. 

Drained of everything, Julie Anne put her most valuable assets to work -- her faith, her optimism, and her determination -- and made the courageous choice to take a radical path inward.

This led her to deepen the transformational work she was doing with her mentor, who guided her towards building a whole new life by diving into her true divine assignments and manifesting her soul purposed life.

Julie Anne managed to turn everything that was crumbling down around her into personal and professional opportunities. Now she is building the life she was destined to live as a mentor and transformational teacher for humanity.

Over ten years ago I asked myself some very difficult questions.
My name is Julie Anne Christophe and I am the Change Revolution©. When you start to question your beliefs, what you were told and the labels you accepted, then you are ready to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in your personal search for meaning.

You are a Conscious Revolutionary!

What’s THAT??? Someone who knows they can’t change a thing through the same consciousness that created the thing in the first place. Someone who is getting in touch with their inner self. Someone who is waking up. someone who is doing the work.

Your whole long life you conformed to other people’s expectations– your parents, your teachers, your religious leader, your soccer coach, your best friend, your spouse, your children and then one day you wonder… “What about my own needs, desires and purpose?”

Are you ready to be mindful of the choices you make? Do you want to stop sleepwalking through life? Do you want to honour yourself and start living in alignment with who you truly are? Are you willing to guide your moments, days and desires consciously? If you answered yes to these then you are a Conscious Revolutionary! 

Sounds good, yes? Well, it is but just like de-cluttering a closet it can get a little messy at first.

As you begin to revolutionize change you will feel the baggage – the “hand me down” beliefs and stories you carry with you to “protect” yourself – rise up and rebel. You might feel a little sick inside, a little turmoil and then ahhh – a settling. When you uncover who you are at the core you begin to feel lighter and your perception of everything in the world will rise to meet you there. Everything changes. Your perception is clearer, your vibration is higher, your behaviour is aligned with your true self and your connection to everything in your world becomes pure and uncluttered.

Depending on where you are in your own evolution you will seek different learning’s.
These experts are here to help you Evolve consciously.

Julie Habart-Tiberghien

Julie is a hypnosis and mental training coach specializing in personal and professional development, helping her clients to thrive. Whether in a clinical, corporate or athletic setting, she works with clients daily to guide, support and develop the human potential hidden at the heart of each individual. she uses hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and coaching.

Work with Julie

Isabelle Pauzé

Allumeuse d'étoiles et d'énergie! Je suis une passionnée de l'humain et du travail intérieur pour être une meilleure humaine! j'en ai fait ma mission de vie et d'entreprise! 

Je joue avec l'énergie comme une artiste peint sur sa toile et ses couleurs pour  réaligné avec ton corps, tes idées et tes énergies à la bonne place pour que tu sois apaisé, connectée et énergisée.

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