Why so many tough moments in life?

I experienced some hardship and very tough moments recently and I am grateful for them  (and all those before!). I needed a lot of courage to face and own what I had created in my life but the strength and expansion these hard moments allowed me to take are unmeasurable.  

We can choose to live life through the lens of the difficult moments or circumstances, play the victim and allow them to have power over our happiness and experience of life. Or we can choose to use them as propellers to look at what is causing those experiences, understand where they come from so we can choose if/how we want to change them. 

Yes, it might require digging and healing old wounds.

But that is what transformation is all about. Those wounds create programs and protection mechanisms that we live from unconsciously. They dictate how we perceive and experience our world. 

As an example, if someone has the wound of not feeling special (so the way they might act out is wanting to be special for someone), they might end up in a relationship where they overgive, show off how awesome they are and sacrifice themselves in hopes of being loved or chosen. 

Some people prefer to hide and toss aside their true feelings and lie to themselves. They try to move on and avoid the pain of “not being special or chosen”. They don’t realize that their wound will eventually cause a breakup and they will go on and repeat the same cycle and sometimes worse! 

If we never look at the wound, we will never live the relationship we really want.

If we never heal the “I want to be chosen or be important for someone”, we’ll always be disappointed because all our relationship will either be us over-giving or taking it all,  and not giving back. 

It will never be a nice equal flowing exchange filled with tenderness and affection.  

So every hardship, tough moments and pain are there to teach us something if we choose to see it this way. It takes mega courage to face but the rewards are priceless. The freedom and inner peace that comes from not living with the pain is unmeasurable. A completely different life experience!!! 

But how do you heal those wounds? How do you take those hard life experiences and not fall into the downward spiral of pain? What allows you to learn and come out transformed, strong and happy? By bringing awareness, understanding, forgiveness and taking full responsibility on all levels. This is not always easy to accomplish alone… we tend to get caught in our bullshit and we often go in circles because the Truth is hard to see. 

This is where you need guidance, someone who can lead you and help you dig deep to see the patterns and programs, understand their impact.  If you’re ready to face whatever hardship you’re going through, reach out here now and book your free discovery call.

If you prefer starting this process on your own, my Activate Your Awareness (AYA) program is exactly what you need. It is a 21day self-study program where I walk you through 7 different steps to create awareness about what is causing your current experience of life. 

Be prepared to immerse yourself in this course as the results are powerful!

I am always here to exchange and answer questions!!!

See you on the other side!

Julie Anne


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