Why so many tough moments in life?

I experienced some hardship and very tough moments recently and I am grateful for them  (and all those before!). I needed a lot of courage to face and own what I had created in my life but the strength and expansion these hard moments allowed me to take are unmeasurable.  

We can choose to live life through the lens of the difficult moments or circumstances, play the victim and allow them to have power over our happiness and experience of life. Or we can choose to use them as...

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Stop Waiting and Find Your Freedom

choice freedom relationship Jul 16, 2019

I found myself waiting after a relationship to evolve. Although we were very clear about where each other stood, I had not realized that I had fallen into the “hoping” and “waiting” game. 

This is the worst place to be because I wasn’t noticing how I was settling for less and compromising what I truly wanted. I discovered that when you wait, you stagnate. This is a dangerous game because in the long run it becomes blame that then turns into resentment. And...

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