5 Simple Questions to Breakthrough Your Resistance

I learned that life is about transforming through our life experiences. There is no point in attaching ourselves to what was or what can be. 

We are here to learn, change and grow. We make things much harder on ourselves when we resist our growth…and all for nothing. 

Look at your life right now and ask yourself these questions: 

  • What are you justifying?
  • What are you blaming? 
  • What are you denying?
  • What do you keep replaying in your mind?
  • What are you trying to convince yourself of? 

Whatever the answers to those questions are, let it go. 

If you struggle to let it go, it might be because you don’t understand what makes the answer feel so important… or maybe you fear something.

So, here’s my next question. What are you afraid of if you let go?

In the 5 Stages of Conscious Evolution, letting go is part of the third stage. It is VERY hard to let go without making peace. And to make peace (or forgive), the human part of us must understand. This is a process and it happens in layers. 

On October 15th the next round of my group coaching program Diving Into Your Essence will begin. This 14-week transformational program will change your life forever. 

How do I know?

Because living from a place of clarity and confidence to experience inner peace and freedom is possible in 2020, all you need is some guidance and a solid foundation. 

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