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How Rebellious Are You?

We each have our own rebellious side and it shows up differently for everyone (PHEW – otherwise we could be in trouble). For the sake of this blog, I will refer to a spiritual rebelliousness expressed through our humanness. If you’re confused by this, I assure you that you will definitely recognize parts of yourself as you keep reading you.

By spiritual rebelliousness, I mean all the intricate behaviours we can come up with in order to not follow guidance we have received or even...

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5 Simple Questions to Breakthrough Your Resistance

I learned that life is about transforming through our life experiences. There is no point in attaching ourselves to what was or what can be. 

We are here to learn, change and grow. We make things much harder on ourselves when we resist our growth…and all for nothing. 

Look at your life right now and ask yourself these questions: 

  • What are you justifying?
  • What are you blaming? 
  • What are you denying?
  • What do you keep replaying in your mind?
  • What are you trying to...
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How Confusion and Being Stuck Can Help You

Have you ever gone on weeks or even months of confusion and feeling stuck or had a hard time choosing the “right” thing to do or “getting off your ass” to do something? I promise you, you’re not alone. Regardless of whether or not you have done a lot of inner work to clear destructive programs, beliefs and patterns, it’s common to feel this way and there could be more than one reason for that…

1- You know what your soul wants, but the human you wants...

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avoidance change resistance Feb 19, 2019

We are living in a time where we can’t ignore the upleveling happening in humanity.  Individually, it means that we are upleveling too and it can be hard, chaotic and intense. In a very straightforward way, it means we need to face our shit. And facing our shit comes with resistance, like avoidance!

We need to look at what is still keeping us small and what is preventing us from being who we know we truly are deep down inside.

The thing is, sometimes knowing we need to look at our...

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