“Outside in” or “Inside out”?

Have you noticed how obvious it is now that we’ve been conditioned to live from the ”outside-in“ as opposed to the “inside out”?   We’re constantly looking for something or someone on the outside of us to make us feel better about ourselves. Whether it’s the approval from our boss, recognition from our loved ones, being special to someone, etc. We constantly seek to fill a void or insecurity with something on the outside making us depend on others. We wait for people (whether it’s doctors, the media, the government, etc.) to tell us what to do and what is good for us. We swallow whatever “they,” say without even questioning anything. 

Depending on the outside world for everything has a huge negative impact on us and we are seeing it now… We have been numbed out. Having been raised like this caused a massive disconnect from our true selves. One of the consequences of the disconnect is never learning how to listen to our own guidance. It is time to shift how we live and experience life… Time to start living from the “inside out”  and for that, we must go within. 

Most are completely numbed out and don’t realize it…

So how do we Live from the “inside out” as opposed to the “outside-in”? At first, it means looking at programs, beliefs and patterns that have been fueling living from the outside in and healing those wounds, shifting those programs and beliefs. With that, we stop seeking approval, recognition, acceptance and love on the outside and instead we know how to give it to ourselves. The more we go within, the more we heal and let go of what was making us seek the outside for comfort, security or for our worthiness. We move through fear, anger, shame, etc. which keeps us in lower vibrations and we release what is not truly us.  As we release and let go, we learn to live from the inside out. We stand up for what we believe in and we set up healthy boundaries. We learn to honor and respect ourselves. 

As we stand in our True Selves, our vibration increases and it touches and inspires people instantly. It is our responsibility to put ourselves first and do our inner work to start living from the inside out. Only then will we experience a new way of living and create a new world. 

Just imagine a world with no fear of rejection, fear of judgment, fear of abandonment and fear of not being good enough in any way. A world with no manipulation, codependence, control and power over others. Imagine how FREE and PEACEFUL this world will be…! FREE to be YOURSELF, FREE to EXPRESS YOURSELF and be accepted and honored for it!! Go and do your inner work now!!! Let’s create this new way of being!! We all contribute. 

If you need help or guidance doing this inner work, book your time with me here.


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