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It’s the co-dependency that hurts

There’s been a major up-leveling in my personal life in 2020, more specifically in my romantic relationship. It’s important to know that how we show up in one area of life is how we show up in ALL of our life… We might not notice it but it’s true.

My up-leveling was all about moving through codependency. We often think we are in love, and yes, that might be true but in our society,  love is often mixed with codependency. Codependency has different facets and...

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The Complexity of the Virtue Honesty

I am at a point in my life where I choose to live authentically, in full integrity and with all honesty. When you read this, it sounds really nice, it looks like the quotes that we see on Facebook or Instagram that inspire and empower people to live “in a new way”.

But what does it really take to live by these words as a way of being…?

Be honest.

You might think we are living by them but you do not realize to what point you may tell little white lies… or how often...

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