There’s no going back!

The leaders are trying to bring life back to “normal”... Have you realized that “normal” (or what I call “old ways of being”) means consuming, spending on unnecessary things, bossing 8-9 hours a day obeying and conforming, running around constantly chasing your tail. For those with young kids, it’s also doing homework and driving them to activities before even having cooked dinner! I’m drained just thinking about this. It all seems so outdated.

Life was put on hold and provided us with a new perspective with the Covid-19. One of the opportunities of this situation has been to push us to look at how stressful and draining our lifestyle was (for many of us at least!). We also had the chance to look at what was not working in our lives and what needed to be changed. Many realized how much pressure to perform they were putting on themselves and how overwhelmed they were with the demands of our way of living. 

Less hustling around made place to a slower pace of life, enjoying the little things like cooking, meals with the family, playing games and going for walks. Having no pressure to perform at work made space for us to enjoy a more simple way of living.

How many of you spent less money on things and didn’t miss anything? How freeing is that?? How many of you were able to care for what is important or realized that you actually enjoyed taking care of your lawn or any house chores? All this because we had TIME. We had so much time that some of us were bored!!!  We had so much time that many of us took the opportunity to think about what we truly want. I know from my clients that a bunch of people realized they didn’t know what they really like or want and now they are on the path of self-discovery!

So after all this chaos, these realizations, who wants to go back to “normal”?? Or do we want to create a new way of living?

I often hear “I like it much better now” or “I don’t want to go back to how it was”. If you are ready, here are some questions for you to start your personal change revolution:

  • What changed for you?
  • What did you allow before that you will never go back to? 
  • What are you willing to do to really change your way of life? 
  • How all the changes happening now impact your life and your world? And what do you want to do about it?
  • What do you want to create?

Take the time to reflect. If you need help, you can start your process with Activate Your Awareness, my 21-day self-study program that will bring clarity to what is stopping you from going for what you truly want. 

You can also join my Conscious Revolutionaries community. This is a Facebook group where I do weekly Live videos on specific topics and it’s a place to interact and exchange with individuals who want to transform and take their life in their own hands. 


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