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What is Required of Your Right Now?

I have been connecting with many people on social media and with many of my clients recently, and the common ground has been that most people are feeling something brewing but they are not quite clear what… 

Have you been feeling it? The uncertainty, instability, rebelliousness, the hatred, the anger generated by old imposed ways and the injustice caused by the demand and command for people to obey and conform?

This is our time to rise and stand in an energy of compassion, support and love for each other. It’s time to unite and stand tall without being sucked into anger, revenge, resentment, hate or any low-level energies. We have to be clear about who we truly are, what our love-based values are, what is important to us, what we stand for and what we want to create for our future.

I’ve mentioned this many times before, but what is important to know and understand, now more than ever, is that our experience of the world is directly related to the state of our inner being – what we believe and how we feel about ourselves and others. This comes from deep programmings in our subconscious mind. 

Why is that important to know and understand?

Because if you carry resentment towards something or someone in your life, your automatic response (the behaviour you’ll have without you being aware of it) might be to seek revenge. If you carry anger, you might want to lash out at people. The programming is the lens that dictates how you perceive (what you think) and experience (how you feel) your life, which will ultimately affect how you behave. If this is the only lens you see through, how can you stand in unity, support, love, and compassion? 

You can’t. 

This brings me to what is required of you in this moment… 

If we want to live in a world free of hate, injustice, discrimination, racism, etc. and live in a society where we value peace, freedom, enjoyment, happiness, connection and authentic exchange, we have to start looking at ourselves and what motivates our actions and behaviours. 

We can talk about what is happening now in the world, comment about the injustice and judge, but at the end of the day, if that’s all we do and we go back to our old selves, doing the same thing, thinking only about what “we need”, we’re not helping the cause… we are reinforcing the old ways.

We need to see beyond ourselves. We need to Unite!

Know this, as long as we have pain – whether it’s a feeling of not being important, not loved or not good enough – it will be very hard to take the focus away from ourselves because we instinctively focus on our wounds as a survival mechanism. 

The beauty in all of this is that we can do the inner work required and heal these wounds by looking at our destructive programmings. And this is what is required of us now as humans. Only then will we be able to perceive and experience our world differently and only then will we be able to create a new way of being.  

The change starts with US, within ourselves. When we change our core programming, the one that generates our thoughts, emotions and behaviour, we change our lives. 

So take a minute to imagine how society would be if we all did our part…there wouldn’t be hatred and rebelliousness as we are witnessing now. This is a manifestation of how people feel inside, whether it’s hurt, disrespect or not feeling seen, heard or understood. 

My questions to you are:

Are you ready to be part of The Change in the world now?

Are you ready to start their own Change Revolution?

Are you ready to reach out? 

If so, click here and book a free discovery call with me and let’s get started on your journey to change.

See you on the other side,

Julie Anne


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