What Is True For You vs Your Truth

change life lessons truth Sep 18, 2020

I am so grateful to my support system. I honestly don't know where I would be without it! I am someone who has dedicated her life to self-transformation, which means that I am constantly pushing my limits, exploring where I am keeping myself small and searching for where I could hide the truth from myself or make myself believe something just because I am looking for instant gratification.

Many lessons I had to learn were heart wrenching and over time I came to realize something very significant about the healing process. Whenever a lesson has been painful to learn, it was because I clung too hard to what my human side wanted. I held on for too long and that’s what made those lessons unnecessarily difficult and long to work through. 

Don’t get me wrong, we all have life lessons and we all experience hardship… that’s just a natural part of life. The difference lies in what we choose to do with these experiences, how we decide to move through them and our motive for going through them. 

Recently, I had to take stock of what was going on in my life and be really honest with myself – once again! I was at a crossroad and something needed to change. In working with my mentor, I realized that I have been lying to myself for the past 18 months.

But here’s the deal....

I wasn’t really lying. I was simply not in MY TRUTH

I was true to what I was feeling, but what I was feeling was based on my wound and because of that, I was listening to my pain – wanting to be chosen (yes, that lesson again). 

My pain was true. It made me believe that I wasn’t ready to be in a serious relationship, it made me accept behaviours that I would normally not accept and it made me hear things in a distorted way. It made me believe that I wasn’t really in love and I sacrificed myself in hopes of being chosen. 

What I learned from this was that sacrifice and hope don’t give you what you truly want…honesty and courage do.

So I faced the pain and my fear of not being chosen with full honesty. I took an honest look at my behaviour and the behaviour of my partner and clearly saw that we couldn’t continue on the same path we were on.

It took all my courage to say “I’m done and I am ready to be done”. The moment I stepped into that energy, I started to connect and feel what I always wanted to feel in a romantic relationship. I was on my way to a new experience.

This was just the beginning.

What I came to realize was that by choosing to listen to my pain rather than MY TRUTH for almost 2 years, I sacrificed myself because I was truly in love with this man. I wanted to be chosen by him, but despite having an amazing relationship on many levels, ultimately, he couldn’t open his heart to me because he had his own wounds to heal and I could not ask him to change.

While this was not the right relationship for me, he was the perfect match to teach me that hope and sacrifice will never give me what I truly want and that I can no longer put my life happiness in the hands of a ‘potential’ that may never come. 

Finally, I understood that I can only experience the exchange, connection and intimacy I want in a love relationship when I stand in MY TRUTH. 

And the same goes for you.

Being in YOUR TRUTH requires full honesty, loads of determination and the willingness to look at what is making you compromise or sacrifice yourself. 

The power and joy that stems from this is incredible. 

See you on the other side,

Julie Anne

P.S. If you need a mentor, a support system, guidance or coaching, I invite you to book a 20 minute Discovery Call with me. My expertise lies in helping people understand their humanness in order to align with the Truth of who they are! 


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