Activate Your Awareness

Get back in the driver's seat of your life

This self-study course is designed to bring awareness around what is creating the perception and the experience of your life so that you can change it.

  • Feeling trapped in an old pattern?

  • Dealing with procrastination?

  • Unsure of what you want to do with your life? 

  • In a relationship that is not fulfilling (whether it’s a romantic relationship, business or a friendship)?

  • Stuck in a job you don’t like or an environment where you’re not appreciated and recognized? 

  • Wanting something different in your life but don’t know how to change it?

  • Living groundhog day for a while now and you’r tired of it?


If you answered YES to any of the above statements, I want you to know that you aren’t alone. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, remember to not be hard on yourself, the fact that you are here means that you KNOW there is a way out.

I help individuals understand what is causing their current human experience (in other words – see the reality behind the story unfolding in front of their eyes). I give them practices and offer tools to support their new awareness and transformation. 

Simply put, I bring clarity to your problem, help you see that it’s possible to change and walk you through that change.

No transformation happens with a snap of the fingers! Patience and courage (two virtues taught in the 5 Stages of Conscious Evolution) are absolutely required. Change is often destabilizing… you have to be ready to be comfortable in the uncomfortable!

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Over the course of 21 days, you will be taken through 7 steps that will bring you awareness about what is creating chaos, confusion, or the feeling of being stuck, by slowing down and getting out of your head and connecting with your heart (or self).

My intention for this course is that by the end, everyone that has gone through the steps comes out with clarity about what is holding them back and a desire to change it. If I accomplish that, I will be extremely happy.

Become Aware of Your Truth

Touch on the common behaviour we have of wanting to avoid the truth about ourselves or the situation we are in.

Recognize the Story

Learn the most important skill to find what is behind the story and how to let go of the story.

Ditch Blame and Embrace Honesty

Learn why we blame, what we gain by doing that and the impact of not blaming (taking control of your life).

The Guidance in Your Emotions

Become aware of how your emotions are actually running your life and learn how become friends with your emotions.

Change the Reaction

Discover your triggers and automatic responses. Find out what and why you want others to change.

Reconnect To Your Heart

Connect your head to your heart and let go of the chatter in your mind so you can hear your own guidance.

Bring It All Together

Learn how to sit and feel what is coming up without judgment or labeling. Assess where you are at and take the next step.

See change as an opportunity to learn and grow. Intentionally use your experiences to align yourself with the Truth of who you are. Revolutionize the way you live in this world. 

* For tax purposes, U.S. and International customers use USD.

When you complete the 21 days you will...

Feel of calmer.

Be less judgemental towards self and others.

Learn to have more compassion for yourself.

Have gained clarity about your blocks and patterns and what you want to do next.

Less edgy or reactive (less triggers).

Less pressure in your life.

Julie Anne Christophe knew from a very early age that she did not fit into society’s box, nor did she care to. In the span of 8 months, she left a broken marriage, got stuck with a money pit of a house, lost a bundle in a failing business, and ended up both financially and spiritually empty – with two kids to care for. 

Drained of everything, Julie Anne put her most valuable assets to work -- her faith, her optimism, and her determination -- and made the courageous choice to take a radical path inward. This led her to deepen the transformational work she was doing with her mentor, who guided her towards building a whole new life by diving into her true divine assignments and manifesting her soul purposed life. Julie Anne managed to turn everything that was crumbling down around her into personal and professional opportunities. Now she is building the life she was destined to live as a mentor and transformational teacher for humanity.


I created this mini-course because I wanted to help people start their self-transformation journey in a gentle way. Too often I see people who fear change, fear looking at their emotions and their inner-self. It is important for me to demystify our humanness and help people understand how their human side is trying to communicate with them so they can align with their true selves. So, this mini-course is designed to bring awareness around what is creating our perception and experience. 

Imagine if we can all learn to work with the human side of us to align with who we truly are, we would not carry all this anger, resentment, hatred, self-criticism, doubt, shame, etc., the world will be very different!  


* For tax purposes, U.S. and International customers use USD.

Jessica R.

Julie Anne Christophe, thank you very much for this helped me to become more open-minded. I know that I will carry this everywhere I go. I definitely will keep you in mind for future support (hoping that I can get to do private sessions when the time is right).

Monika M., mother of 7

Julie Anne Christophe is beyond insightful. She has an amazing ability to help you see through the "gunk" of what is holding us back. Through her 7-day self- awareness program, I was able to scratch the surface and bring to light patterns, reactions and I was able to get to the core of the issue I was working on. During the process, Julie Anne was present and responsive, always there questioning and giving input. Once the 7 days were over, I wanted to continue to dive deeper - I did not want it to end! I highly recommend the program and Julie Anne Christophe's services. She is professional, intuitive and a superb human being.

Susan C.

I have participated is several life coaching programs and have served as career coach in the past. .So setting goals, developing action plans, filling the funnel, are all great activities, but often miss the mark. What sets Julie Anne’s approach apart is encouraging one to explore our essence, and coming to grips with who we really are as energy potentials. Gently unraveling the stories we have come to believe and having courage to embark on new territory. At 79 I am encouraged to be kind to myself, discover the deep well of potential that hasn’t been tapped and positively touch lives of others. Mission Nutrition is my passion, a mission that lay dormant for many years. Thank You Julie Anne for encouraging me to reach out, share and stand in awe of what can be!