The Deeper meaning of Honesty

I wrote many blogs about honesty as it’s a virtue I work with on a regular basis and it’s part of my 5 Stages of Conscious Evolution process. The interesting thing is I keep discovering new layers of the real meaning of living by this word… 

What I learnt is that we can make ourselves believe we are honest… Yep! Catch 22! How do you get out of that cycle? How do you catch yourself when you are trying to tell yourself that you are not lying to yourself? 

It can be hard to do it on our own, that’s why I work with my mentor who keeps me in check… Sometimes “brutally in check”!  Because I know I can make myself believe I’m doing something for the greater good of someone or because I really care about them. But if I’m honest with myself… I sometimes find that I‘m often self-serving. The great thing is that honesty gives me the power to choose if that’s how I want to show up to myself and others… That’s how we start living authentically.

How honest are you with yourself and how are you living your life?

So here are questions you can ask yourself to start the process of being honest with yourself:

  • What is the motive behind what you are doing?
  • Why are you trying to protect someone by justifying?
  • Why are you protecting someone?
  • What are you looking for in always being available when someone needs you? 
  • What are you really looking for by being of service? (look for an emotion) 
  • What don’t you want to face or feel? What don’t you want to look at? 
  • What are you really avoiding in your life?

Depending on what you are working on, some of these questions might not apply and others will be bang on. 

The other thing about honesty is that you have to be ready to hear or see the truth. If you’re not ready, you will keep lying to yourself or making yourself believe anything you want. I know I found it hard to see the self-serving behaviour I had. I was judging myself a lot. But once I understood that my power came from being honest which gave me the opportunity and choice to change, I connected to the power of this virtue. It’s all about not clinging on to what the “human side of us” (or our humanity) wants and allowing ourselves to follow the guidance of Honesty.  

Now is time to step into who you truly are. 

If you want to start with a 21-day self-study program, Activate Your Awareness is what you are looking for. This will help you create a lot of awareness about where you are stuck and what is keeping you from moving forward. You will have a nice map to move forward. 

If you are ready to dig deep, Diving Into Your Essence group coaching program is definitely designed for you! These 12 weeks of deep dive into what is creating your current perception of your world will definitely ask that you are 100% honest with yourself! If you want transformation, the power of the small, intimate group will bring you the results you are looking for. 

I truly hope to see you on the other side!

Julie Anne :-)


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