Diving Into Your Essence



Take that leap of faith to evolve into the Conscious Human Being you are meant to be.



  • Trying to keep it all together and feel like you can’t go on like this anymore?
  • Feeling the pressure and overwhelm of having to perform and “have your shit together”?
  • Saying to yourself “there must be more to life than this!”?


Or maybe you feel like it’s time to take charge of your life, but you don’t know where to start and how to do it.

If any of these felt true for you, Diving Into Your Essence, is exactly what you need to get out of the story of life (the interpretation we give to events and circumstances) and see reality so you can get yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.

When you take the Human part of yourself and align it with your Soul (what I call your Being-ness), there is nothing and no one who can take that power from you.


This coaching program is for individuals who want to: 

  • Stop living Groundhog Day
  • Feel powerful in who they truly are, what they truly want and where they want to go
  • Get out of doubt and instead feel certain in the choices they make
  • Let go of destructive patterns and bring deep and sustainable transformation in their lives
  • Break free from overwhelm and stress and live with clarity and unshakable confidence


With Diving Into Your Essence Group Coaching, you learn how to use your current life circumstances to dig to the core of what is creating your perception and experience of your life.

Stéphanie D.

“Looking back at my old self from before choosing this DIYE experience I see myself as an old rusty and broken bulldozer. I was strong and rigid on the outside, putting up that image of being able to tackle any obstacles but falling apart inside having nothing to hold on to anymore. My armour was getting thinner day by day and I just didn’t wanted to be that person at the edge of a cliff anymore.

I had no clue what to do to get out of this mud my bulldozer was stuck in until I realized that it was keeping me small. I had to expand and jump into this journey into myself and open up to this new me that was screaming to get out of.

Now, six weeks later, my armour is being recycled into a better foundation and underneath, I found a garden of possibilities blooming from the mud I was stuck in. I needed help to understand that I deserver to see the light to grow, nourish my soul and heal my heart. I’m now learning how to be my best self without limitation.

I am so grateful to you Julie Anne for your guidance"


Through 5 different stages, you will learn how to align the human part of you – the one making the choices and decisions – with the core and power of who you truly are. Talk about feeling solid, strong and confident for the rest of your life!


Creating Awareness on Different Levels

Differentiate the Story you believe you are living VS Reality of life.

Identify destructive patterns and pinpoint when avoidance shows up.

Be clear about what emotions are and what their role is.


Understanding and Connecting the Dots

Identify the beliefs and programs that are keeping you small.

Recognize your current perception, how it is shaping the experience and how to change it.

Learn how attachments are holding you back and how to release them


Forgive and Make Peace 

Identify protection mechanisms and how to let go of them.

Decipher what true forgiveness means.

Make peace and release the pain from the past.


Step Into Your Personal Power  

Step into aligned and conscious ACTION.

Take responsibility for your past, present and future in all aspects of your life: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Identify what Divine Devotion is.


Moving Forward

Live in alignment with the truth of who you are and what being aligned means.

Enjoy life while continuing to stay humble after all this amazing work!

Use the Ideal Image Tool to design your ideal self.


Julie Anne Christophe knew from a very early age that she did not fit into society’s box, nor did she care to. In the span of 8 months, she left a broken marriage, got stuck with a money pit of a house, lost a bundle in a failing business, and ended up both financially and spiritually empty – with two kids to care for. 

Drained of everything, Julie Anne put her most valuable assets to work -- her faith, her optimism, and her determination -- and made the courageous choice to take a radical path inward. This led her to deepen the transformational work she was doing with her mentor, who guided her towards building a whole new life by diving into her true divine assignments and manifesting her soul purposed life. Julie Anne managed to turn everything that was crumbling down around her into personal and professional opportunities. Now she is building the life she was destined to live as a mentor and transformational teacher for humanity.

Lise L.

[translated from French] Thank you Julie Anne for your great professionalism, your presence and especially your immense relevance and accuracy in all your interventions with each of us. For my part, I managed to open up about my spirituality that I have always loved but that I kept secret even though I have taken several , but not complete steps to share it without holding back. I really felt totally received and secure thanks to your ease and your spontaneity in living it. I still have to trust myself to show it without fear, but I choose it more and more quickly since I know it well. I have more confidence in myself and in my life to live in complete freedom. Continue your mission everywhere! WELL DONE! THANK YOU!

Sophie B.

"I have been on a path for personal growth for the past few years and DIYE was the next obvious and important step for me in regaining my power, celebrating my self-worth and self-love. Julie Anne has a magical way to guide you throughout the whole process and it has been extremely helpful and comforting but what it has made me realize the most is that I NEED to be there for myself FIRST.

Do not hesitate any longer… you will not regret diving into your true essence and coming out of it stronger and lighter."