An Experience in Letting Go

Letting go of a relationship, whether it’s romantic, a friendship or a family member, is one of the hardest things to do when someone is important to us. We’re often not ready for it, but we know it needs to be done. 

The process of letting go can be extremely confusing because the inner push and pull of wanting to be with the person and wanting something different is intense.  The push and pull shows up in different ways…

What feels good right now and what you truly want and know is available for you to experience can drive anyone insane!!!

The desire and security to be with the person and at the same time, wanting to experience expansion and liberation of being YOU and embodying YOUR GREATNESS can be destabilizing. 

When you know you are meant to fly, but the person anchors you down and wants a different life. 

Letting go of the comfort of the known is scary, but it is absolutely necessary…two adjectives that no one wants to experience at the same time. But, the beauty of reaching the point of letting go of someone for that is important to us, but not right for us is that we have finally made a big shift that frees ourselves.

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