What Does Co-Creating Your Life Really Mean?

Co-creation is a concept that we hear more and more but what is it really about?

Here is my take on co-creation; it simply means realizing that the human us is here to serve our soul. In simpler terms, I believe that we are here to bring into our reality what the soul wants to experience. Co-creation is the harmonic dance between the soul and the human.

I know most of my clients ask me how to know or find out what their soul wants to experience, and every time I tell them that in order to hear the guidance, they must let go of the old programs and beliefs that were passed down or imposed on them. The more they shed what is not truly them, the clearer the guidance becomes. This means that if we want to co-create our life (the human part of us with our soul) we need to clear the path by doing our inner work.

Shedding the old allows more fluidity in our energy. The chaos in your mind disappears, stress drops, anxiety is gone, overwhelm and confusion gives way to clarity and confidence. We’re able to experience inner peace and freedom. And this happens every time we let go of a program or belief that was not resonating with who we truly are. Every time, we access a deeper level of clarity and confidence.

This exact clarity and confidence is what allows us to hear or feel our soul. We can clearly differentiate the whispers of the soul versus the chatter of the mind. And we can confidently move forward with the guidance.

But how does the guidance come?

The guidance comes in differently for everyone. The key is to find how YOUR soul speaks with you, when and where.

First of all, some of you are feelers, others see-ers or hear-ers.  Regardless of how your soul communicates, you will simply know. It’s an inexplicable knowing that “this is the way to go” or what you have to do. It is “shown” to you through your main sense. It’s like the information being received is non-negotiable and you can’t deny it. It’s a form of hearing that rises when the chatter of your mind

Also, we often have a place (I know it’s the case for me…) where we receive guidance more easily. For me, it’s in my car or when I meditate in my meditation room. You might also have a place… where do you feel the most open and comfortable? Where do you feel safe and can put your mind off?

Now the when… It’s more about when are you ready to receive the information… It can happen any time, you simply have to be ready for it. You might even be receiving guidance now but you aren’t aware as you are not ready to follow it. You might still be trying to control the outcome.

Some of my most powerful downloads and guidance came in my car… Ok, my car is my safe and sacred space (yes, I am a car chick! LOL!). I learned that part of the pleasure I have driving is that I’m able to chill and open up to “what is”. I literally get out of my mind and take the “back seat”. I take the time to truly breathe, place my awareness at the back of my mind which allows me to have a larger perspective, be present in the moment and feel what is there, then I observe. I often ask a question and allow the answer to come. I don’t judge, question or toss aside what comes. I let it come.  

This may seem dangerous as I am driving but I tell you, I am so in tune with “what is” that I feel the cars (and drivers!) around me and I can even know what their next move will be, which allows me to drive in a safe way. It’s like I’m using more of my mind than I usually do when I operate from my head…  

For some of us, the whispers of our soul could come through our emotions where we distinctly “know” or we are clearly pulled to start a project, or we suddenly have an idea and we can’t hold ourselves back, we have to act on it. We can also meditate and connect with our soul and ask what it wants us to accomplish. Or we can ask our soul how we can be of service today to be in alignment with what it came here to do. There are many ways we can follow the guidance of our soul.

The key thing is when we allow the flow of this beautiful energy to come in and dance with the human us, we start co-creating our life. It is this co-creation that brings us the experiences we truly desire. The experiences we want to feel deep down, those that we think are “just a dream”.

There is tremendous power in co-creation, not just in bringing to reality something we deeply want to experience but also in the meaning and fulfillment we get from being of service because serving our soul is not just about us, it’s about the difference we make in the world.


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