Reviewing the year 2020 and what we learnt from it

Let’s just say that if there is a year you want to review before moving on to the next, it is certainly 2020!! We have been going through so much change and uncertainty that it’s important we check in with ourselves to see where we are at, to look at what needs to be integrated and what we need to learn.

First off, why even review your year?? Good question! Reviewing our year is a practice to do to see if we are moving in alignment with what we want to create in our life. If you’ve never taken the time at the beginning of the year to give a direction to the next 12 months, 2021 is THE year to start doing it. I will lead you through that exercise in my next blog… stay tuned!

Regardless if you took the time in January 2020 to envision the year to come, you can definitely look at where you were 12 months ago by answering the following:

  • How different is your life now?
  • What choices were hard to make?
  • How did you make these choices? (based on what?)
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What change did you make that had the biggest impact?
  • What would you do differently and why? (only think of things you have control over)
  • What did you appreciate during 2020?
  • What didn’t you appreciate?

It’s important to acknowledge the hardship and the victories we’ve been through. We often move past it and don’t fully integrate the lessons or the growth. Take the time to learn from this year. The integration is the crucial part when we want to create new ways of being. Take the time to observe what worked and what didn’t. Breathe it in, take notes, celebrate what deserves your celebration!! You deserve to take the reflection time. We’ve been through a lot in 2020. Consider this as self-care!

And then, envision 2021…! More to come on that in my next blog!!!

See you on the other side!


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