Are You Choosing Yourself?

Admitting to myself that I have been living on a high, craving immediate gratification and not taking responsibility for creating what I truly want has been one of the toughest and most painful things to do, because let’s face it, my job, my passion and what I have dedicated my life to, is helping people get out of their BS and take charge of their life so they can be happy and free.

I was living the opposite and I did not want to see it. I was not walking my talk…how unauthentic! 

Luckily, I know that the first step to making a change is to become aware of it and then to be honest with yourself. There was no need for me to hit myself on the head with a 2 x 4 because it would have only made things worse.

I had to accept that the party life I had chosen for the past year had cost me an important time in my life and in relationships, both personal and business. I also knew that it was not too late – it never is. 

It was just a question of TAKING CHARGE NOW.

That meant immediately making the decision to stop the destructive behaviour (prioritizing drinking, friends, going out or simply lounging around) and choosing to focus on what was really important to me: serving others through my business, my family – kids and boyfriend – and building a solid financial future (in no particular order as it was a question of balance. Sometimes one area will be more important than the other). 

It does not mean that because I had chosen to take charge that I did not have fears. One of my biggest fears was holding me back, a fear of not being special enough. Not special enough for my boyfriend, not special enough for my clients, not special enough to “make it big”, etc. But, I knew that if a behaviour is fueled by fear, that exact fear is what you will manifest in your reality because what you emanate is consequently what you attract.

It was fear that was creating my need for immediate gratification. My way of avoiding feeling the pain of not being good enough was through immediate gratification. It was my distraction, my excuse.

I had to figure out what I needed to embrace and that for me was to be special enough TO ME to CHOOSE ME. I realized that by taking charge of my life I was actually saying to myself that I am special enough to create what I truly want

Just like anyone going through an upleveling, choosing me is something I have to do every day and sometimes, multiple times a day until the new program is solidly installed. Even though there are temptations, being focused on my core motive – choosing me – and taking action are essentials in order to create the life I truly want to live.

A life where I am fueled by sharing my gifts in my work, inspiring and guiding people to TAKE CHARGE and BE who they truly are.

A life where I am excited and happy to get up in the morning because I know that just by being me and doing what I do, I can impact and inspire someone. 

A life where I find joy and laughter with my kids and deep connection with my boyfriend. 

Trust me, I know life is not all sunshine and roses. Some days suck and those “sucky days” are there to put us back on track. Being Human can be hard at times, but it is also rewarding and fun if you choose to see it. 

So my questions to you are:

  • Where do you need to take charge of your life?
  • What do you need to embrace?  
  • What do you fear and what is that fear manifesting in your life?

If you need help answering those questions or if you simply want guidance, book your free discovery call here.

I will see you on the other side,



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