Standing in Your Power

Standing in your own power is such a freeing experience. The experience may differ from person to person, but the one thing in common is that it stems from the clarity and confidence of being who you truly are.

It’s like having a strong and solid pillar inside your center and nothing can take it down. Everything emanates from that pillar, all of your choices, experiences, thoughts and emotions stem from there. 

The amazing thing is that when you do your inner-work and let go of what is not you, you become conscious of that solid pillar (or what I like to call, your essence!). If you’re conscious of your pillar, it means you own who you truly are and owning that means that you have the ability to choose every experience in your life. You have the choice about how you perceive and experience something and the direction you give your life stems from there too.

I remember that defining moment where, after years of working on my self-transformation, I came out of a meditation with a clear and powerful feeling of standing in this immense power where so much energy emanated from my pillar. 

I was blown away.

I had a clear understanding of what I was creating, what I was here to accomplish and experience and how to do it! I knew I had the power to create anything as long as I stayed aligned with my essence. 

As a daily practice, every morning I connect with my soul and ask “how am I to serve today?” And with the best of my abilities, I go and do it. It doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes waver off, I’m human so it happens, but I know the path to come back and realign. 

I don’t beat myself up or play the victim. I simply recognize it, stop it and move on. And when I am stuck – because I am human – I call on my mentor and we work together. 

Once you get there (if you’re not already there) you will see how freeing it is because you rely on yourself and you have the power to change, choose and create what you want! 

I see my clients transform on a daily basis and it is possible for you too… and much faster than you can imagine! 

If you want to experience that unique kind of power and freedom, reach out, I can help you in different ways depending on what you need. 

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