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Honour Where You Are at and Where You Are Ready to Go

One of the common things I hear from people is the belief about where they think they “should” be in their transformation – or what I call, self-evolution process. It is especially true at the start of the journey.

We tend to compare ourselves and even judge ourselves for not having done the work before or not being far enough along the journey. The thing is, if you had been ready before, you would have started before. Now you either can’t take it anymore or life pushed you to change, which is why you are judging yourself.  It’s clear in your mind that something needs to change because you are READY.

So, how do you honor where you’re at?

It is all about understanding what led you to where you are now.  The understanding lessens and even removes the judgment we have towards ourselves and/or others and the circumstances we are in.

This understanding, or clarity, is a process that happens in layers. We are only shown what we are ready to see and what we are ready to handle and make peace with. I can compare this with a 6-7-month-old baby; you don’t feed a 6-7-month-old baby a big rib steak because he wouldn’t know what to do with it! You start with cereal, mashed veggies and fruits before introducing more solid foods. It’s the same with our transformation process. If we were to suddenly remove deep old programs, beliefs and attachments, we would not know how to “be”. We would be lost about how to handle situations and confused about how to behave with people. We would have no point of reference.

As I said, the process of transformation happens in layers and there are steps to it. The process itself can move fast but the layers are still there. When you understand the process, the journey becomes much smoother, which is why the 5 Stages of Conscious Evolution came to me and now I teach it so people can harness the power of their current circumstance to step into and align with the human being they truly are.


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