Stop the Chase!

One of the big traps of self-evolution is not realizing the transformation we go through. We often don’t realize everything we have accomplished, let go of, and who we have become. We often get stuck in thinking we “need to be more” and by doing so, we don’t fully embody who we have become.  The impact of that is that we keep chasing something. We constantly think we have to become more and end up chasing something that is already there. 

It is so important to take some time to stop, recap and celebrate our successes and transformation. Let it sink in, integrate and own the powerful being you have become through the inner work you’ve done. There’s no need to chase anymore. It’s about being IT. It’s about emanating who you truly are and letting your light shine. Your gifts are ready and will expand more and more. By allowing who you are to come out without thinking you have to become more, you allow more space for your uniqueness and gifts. And you allow space for a more powerful you to emerge. 

When we chase, we are sending the vibration of “I’m missing something, I am not whole, I am not good enough yet”. Understanding that at every moment, we are whole and at the same time, at every moment we are becoming more makes all the difference. “Becoming” is a constant. We don’t have to chase; we simply have to BE. And this is the hard part. To simply BE means accepting that at that moment, we are the best version of ourselves and knowing that we are becoming more at the same time with every experience we have. So we can stop chasing. Everything happens in the now. 

So how do we integrate? How do we OWN who we are in the moment? 

  • Look back at where you were 6 -12 months ago. Or even 5 years ago. How was your life? What circumstances were you in? How was your environment? What changed? What allowed you to change?
  • List all that you’ve been through - challenges, loss, successes. 
  • Write down what you learned and discovered about yourself - good and bad (be honest!).
  • What were you able to let go of and/or embrace?
  • How are you impacting or serving others now? 
  • What are the ripple effects you had or are having now?
  • How have your interactions with others changed?
  • How clear are you about your values, what you stand for, and what you want?
  • How much are you taking charge of your life now?


Owning who we truly are is not as simple as some might want us to believe… It’s about doing the real inner work and for that, it takes more than self-help stuff, reading books, and learning to meditate. These are all supportive actions but nothing will help you more than a deep dive into your essence with an expert. Someone who can bridge the human and the soul, get you out of the story so you can see reality. Once you find the person that resonates with you, you will want to keep evolving because you will feel different and experience the world differently. 

I’ve been working on my self-transformation for years and I am still reaching new heights. The more I evolve, the more I need to own who I have become, who I am, and who I am becoming, which is in itself part of the transformation. 

Now, more than ever, we have to stop the chase and start embodying who we are. If you’re not happy with where you are, I encourage you to take the leap and start your own Change Revolution! 

If you’re ready, open, and committed, and you want to explore how we can work together, click here to book a free discovery call. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!


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