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Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021

So many people are searching for something, whether it’s their purpose, inner peace, freedom, fulfillment, etc. They think they need to go on a big quest and that at one point they’ll have a big revelation and their life will dramatically change. For a few, that may be true but for most of us, this quest is a process of discovering, understanding, shedding and rebuilding.  

Little do they know that the reason they don’t experience inner peace, freedom, fulfillment and can’t find purpose lies within them… The big quest is simply about peeling the layers of stories we carry inside, meaning all the experiences and interpretations we gave events and circumstances in our life. How we perceived these events and circumstances was based on beliefs and programs fed by society, family, friends, culture - just to name a few- that causes us to feel fear, doubt, shame, guilt and makes people believe they are inadequate, not lovable, not good enough in some way.


It’s now time to take an honest look at how your environment has influenced you. 

  • How did your parents raise you?
  • What did they say about your role as a wife or husband? 
  • What did you see/witness as a role model from your mother or father? 
  • What did your teachers say about your grades in school and your study habits? 
  • What helped you learn what success is and based on what criteria? 
  • What made you choose your current career? 
  • How much does your social life look like what you saw as a kid?

I could go on and on with questions about religion, society in general, culture, etc. I think you get the point…

Now some of you did a lot of your inner work already and are now free from what was imposed on us by society. The majority are waking up to it… especially with what is happening worldwide. 

It’s clear that we can no longer live in fear, doubt, control and cannot carry shame, guilt and live in judgment. Living like this caused us to disconnect from who we really are, made us believe we were not good enough and created duality, competition and had some seek power. 

If we want to create new ways of living, we have to do our own inner work and let go of those false stories that we still believe and hang on to. It may be frightening at first as you need to understand how the unconscious programs or beliefs served you and how it allowed you to function all this time. Once you do, you can make peace with yourself and others and let your true self emerge. No need for self-pity and playing the victim. You will only fully transform when you take full responsibility for your past, present and future. It’s time to start looking within or even continue doing your inner work. This is how we will have a ripple effect and change how we live collectively. 

If you need guidance diving into the deepest part of yourself with full honesty, There are still spots for my Diving Into Your Essence (DIYE) group coaching program. Or you can book a 20 min. discovery call to take that first leap and be part of my one-on-one VIP clients.


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