What will give you what you truly want? Wanting or Believing

beleive change wanting Sep 29, 2020

Did you notice how often you say you want something? Whether it’s a nice romantic relationship with a partner that treats you exactly how you always dreamed of, or the job that will give you flexibility in your schedule and pay very well or even your dream car. 

I’ll share a little secret that I learnt not long ago.... 

There is a BIG difference between wanting something and believing you can have it. 

The challenge is that we often don’t realize that we don’t believe… Our unconscious programs, beliefs, and patterns that are limiting us are often so ingrained that it’s hard for us to see what is in our way of getting what we say we want. 

Sometimes the “asking” can be clear and straightforward and some other times it can come in the form of complaint or whining, like: 

  • Why don’t I have more money?  
  • Why is it so hard to have an abundance of clients?
  • It’s always the others that get the promotion!
  • When am I going to have a boyfriend who’s going to really care for me and love me?

When we make statements like these it’s because deep down there is a misalignment with what we truly believe about ourselves and what we say we want. 

Just think about what you say you want. How are you showing up to it? Take the example of wanting an abundance of clients. How much do you believe people will be interested in what you do? How convinced are you that you can be successful at it? Ask yourself how much do you believe you can have more clients?

Be honest with yourself. Because if you believed you could have it, it would be there or you would actively be working towards it with success.  

So what is tied to BELIEVING? Your sense of SELF-WORTH. 

When we BELIEVE we can have what we say we want, we show up to it on 4 different levels:

  1. Energetically (what your emanate and attract)
  2. Mentally (how you think and what you say about yourself and others)
  3. Physically (your environment and what you do)
  4. Emotionally (how you feel whether it’s expressed or not)

A strong sense of self-worth is knowing what you deserve and believing you can receive it. So the real work is to look at where you are not showing up for yourself and what is the root cause of it. It’s a question of digging into unconscious programs, beliefs, and patterns in order to understand them, make peace with them and take full responsibility, and showing up to yourself no matter how hard it is. 

And I tell you, it can be very hard… you might fall many times but as long as you get up, are honest with yourself, and keep moving to breakthrough, you will succeed. 

So, if you’re ready to move from “wanting to believingbook your free discovery call now. Digging and helping you understand your patterns is my expertise. 

See you on the other side!

Julie Anne


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