There needs to be a Revolution, a Revolution of Consciousness

Since March 2020, we have been forced to change how we live and operate. Many had to face what they had been avoiding for a long time… looking at themselves, what they created for themselves and how happy/unhappy they felt. Others are still hanging onto the hope that things will return back to “normal” or something close to “normal”. 

The truth is, we've been living in a very disconnected way. Prisoners of the old patriarchal way of living which is killing us and our planet. There is no justice in having a few people in power and others executing orders. Being told to obey and conform in order to be controlled more easily is not how we are meant to live and is certainly not how we are meant to truly THRIVE but most of us are not aware of it... It is costing our happiness, inner peace and freedom.

What will it take to change? 

There has to be a Revolution, a Revolution of Consciousness.

And that starts with each of us, individually. If we want to be happy, live fulfilled, in inner peace and experience true freedom, we must first take a look at what caused us to live in chaos, drama, and control. What made us believe that living with anger, fear, stress, anxiety, overwhelm and confusion was ok and normal? We never really questioned anything. Instead, we accepted everything as true and normal, completely oblivious to the fact that we actually have the power to change everything we don’t like in our lives or how we’ve been living.  

A Revolution of Consciousness means starting to live in a conscious way, leaving behind what makes us feel small, stuck and unhappy. It’s about becoming aware of the Truth about ourselves and what we truly want. It’s about honoring ourselves and others based on love, compassion and acceptance. It’s about making choices that bring fulfillment. It’s about expanding our way of thinking outside of our own little self and starting to experience life in a more inclusive, expanded way. 

To do that, we must start questioning ourselves. Asking ourselves what we truly want and what we truly love. Questioning the beliefs that we took on as true that are now causing more chaos than harmony. Taking the time to reflect on what will bring us true happiness. Looking at what is costing us our freedom. Asking ourselves how we can contribute and make a difference. How can we live with more peace, harmony and freedom to be our true Self. 

Asking yourself these questions comes with a warning. You might find answers that are harder to accept than you could imagine. You might be faced with choices you’ve been avoiding for years. But what is a revolution if there’s no change??? 

Where to start??  Look at yourself and your life. It’s time to explore your inner world as true transformation starts within. FREE YOURSELF and you will have the confidence to live happily!


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