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What’s your level of consciousness?

The problem we have now in our society is people’s perception and experience of the world.

Perception and experience come from our programs, beliefs and patterns passed down by our parents, culture, religion, society, etc. and our perception dictates your level of consciousness. 

We have been kept in a low level of consciousness, meaning “those in power” (or “those who want power”) kept us in a false belief about who we truly are and what we are capable of. They have done a great job at keeping us disconnected from our true selves by forcing rules and ways of being to keep us small and numbed.  They controlled us by instilling a state of fear. Fear of not being good enough if we didn’t obey, fear of not being loved if we didn’t conform, fear of being judged if we didn’t “succeed”, etc. 

A low level of consciousness means that the veil from which people perceive their life is led by fear, resentment, shame, anger, doubt, etc. which has a very low-frequency level. It means unconscious individuals have a narrow perspective and can only operate through the lens of those emotions. They cannot experience true joy, love, care or compassion. 

So it is obvious that the real problem is that people are unconscious. They have a very narrow experience of the world. They can’t see higher than the level they are at. They live a very linear life oblivious of all other possibilities in higher frequencies. 

The solution is to FREE YOURSELF from the passed down programs and beliefs to decondition yourself. This is done through your own inner work and healing, looking at where you carry those low vibration emotions is crucial. One by one, we must hear the call to awaken to a higher level of consciousness and raise our vibration.  Only then will we have a broader perspective and understanding of what is truly happening in the world. We will have access to a whole new level of experiences that are far more rich and fulfilling. We’ll experience true freedom. Freedom from the conditioning of our past and freedom from the grip of those who want to control us for their own benefits.  

If you haven’t done your work yet, do it. If you have started, keep going. Don’t stop, we need you. Higher frequencies are much more powerful and impactful than the lower ones which mean we don’t need as many awakened people to shift Humanities” consciousness. 

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