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This is a spiritual war.

self-empowerment truth Apr 01, 2022

We are waking up and those in power do not want us to awake. The evil forces are using people here to play a story out and roll out a plan to keep us in slavery. 

To fight this, we must do our individual inner work and free ourselves from all the beliefs and limitations that were given to us to keep us asleep and disconnected from our true selves/true power. We were made to believe that we are powerless, that we need people to tell us what to do and what is good for us. 

“They” don’t want us to discover how powerful we truly are.

Once we awaken to what we are capable of, there is no stopping us.

We don’t have to accept the story unfolding. It’s not even true. We need to master our humanness and take our power back. Our humanness is designed to work with our energetic selves. The energetic self and our human side can only connect together once the path is cleared from the gunk it was filled with by “Them”. Once we unlock that door and tap into the power we individually have, we’ll see beyond the veil and we will be unstoppable. 

Who is in for true FREEDOM?


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