Your Journey to Freedom Community


A community designed to help you  experience ultimate freedom by  raising your vibration and letting go of who you were told to be!



What is Your Journey To Freedom Community?

YJTF Community is a space where we create our new ways of being. The chaos, intensity and challenges we’ve been experiencing are not happening by accident. Many of us have experienced different kinds of crumbling in our lives whether it’s important relationships that are ending, major health issues, financial losses, career change, etc. Needless to say that our lives are being turned upside down.  

Know that you are not alone. 

I firmly believe that what is needed right now is for us individuals to fundamentally change the way we’ve been living and operating. For that, we need to work on ourselves.

It is also important to understand what is happening energetically in Humanity and how this massive change is impacting us individually. Why so much chaos? Why aren’t we resonating with those who used to be so important in our lives? How can we let go of them without guilt?  Why do we fear being lonely? Why so much unknown? How do we respond to so much change in our lives in a conscious way? What is required of us now and how must we show up? 

YJTF community is created to help you gain clarity and confidence about your future. You will experience teachings that will allow you to understand how you function and explain what you are going through. You will experience powerful exchanges between members, I will assist you with transformational coaching, mentoring, channeling, realigning energies, and you will learn tips and tools to help you move through this massive shift in your life. 


If you are here, it’s most probably because you’re already on your journey to FREE yourself from the grasp that your past and/or society have on you. 

  • You want to reach a new high, a new version of you, a new level of FREEDOM. 
  • You know there’s more you can unlock and create, but you might feel stuck in one or more areas of your life, not knowing how to move forward in alignment. 
  • You realized that you need guidance and support to integrate all those concepts you learnt so you can finally create the life you’ve been wanting to live.
  • You’re confused and need to untangle the thoughts, beliefs, and programs that are keeping you in a loop of patterns and behaviors that are preventing you from gaining clarity and feeling confident in who you truly are. 
  • You feel like you’re in a haze not knowing what you want to do, what are the best choices for you and you end up not moving forward at all.

No matter where you are on your path, the Your Journey To Freedom (YJTF) Community is EXACTLY what you need if you're looking for, inner transformation that will set you FREE from the chaos of the outside world and propel you into new ways of being.

This community is designed to help you gain clarity about what is happening in the world and to support you in the embodiment of your TRUE SELF and to teach you how to live from the “inside out” rather than the “outside in”.

It is time you set yourself FREE and find everything you are looking for WITHIN.  

Here is how it will roll: 


Biweekly Live Zoom Call

Every two weeks on a Saturday at 10am Eastern time, I will hop on a LIVE Zoom call with you and the other members. These calls are designed to coach, mentor, and guide each of you on Your Journey To Freedom. Every call will either have a topic or theme that I will expand on. It can be a Q&A or I could channel information that needs to be passed on and I will support you in any way I am called to do so. 


Monthly Training Video

Additionally, every month you will receive a training video designed to help you understand how you function as a Human Being in relation to your Energetic Self (Soul).  The missing link nowadays is the understanding of how the “Human and Energetic Self” are designed to work TOGETHER. The training videos combined with the calls will help you gain this understanding and allow you to integrate it. 


Read what a past client has to say:

“Looking back at my old self from before choosing this Your Journey to Freedom experience, I see myself as an old rusty and broken bulldozer.  Now, six weeks later (halfway through the program), my armour is being recycled into a better foundation and underneath, I found a garden of possibilities blooming from the mud I was stuck in.  I’m now learning how to be my best self without limitation.  I am so grateful for Julie Anne’s guidance.” 

—Stephanie Duclos

I created this community for YOU. The more you participate, engage, and exchange with other members, the more you will gain from it. If you know anyone who could benefit from being part of it, PLEASE SHARE as Humanity NEEDS massive transformation and it all starts with us, individually. If you have any suggestions on topics you want me to elaborate on, suggestions to improve the community, anything, I am open to have a chat with you! 

Your Journey to Freedom

$68 CAD


  • 2x 1-1.5 hour Live Zoom support calls. 
  • Access to the community portal with new monthly training video and previous Live Zoom calls.
  • Resources/exercises to help you integrate what you are learning.
  • 25% off single private transformation coaching session.

Who is this membership for? Those who want to:

  • Get out of the matrix that was imposed on them.
  • Step outside the prison of “needing” and “pleasing” people in search of happiness and acceptance. 
  • Let go of overwhelm, chaos (inside and out!) and confusion.
  • Stop being drained, stressed, and anxious.
  • Start feeling strong within themselves.
  • Have clarity about who they really are and the choices to make.
  • Feel confident.
  • Learn about the dance between their humanness and energetic Self.
  • Integrate / embody what they learn. 
  • Experience the power, support and understanding of a group.
  • Who are tired of “learning” new ways of being without experiencing tangible results.
  • Who are ready to live with inner peace and true FREEDOM.

And most of all, this membership is for those who want to participate in Humanity’s  ascension by doing their own inner work that has mega ripple effect in the world.

There is power in working in a group! There are big advantages of being surrounded by people who are going through similar issues, who want to learn and understand. You realize that you are not alone, you learn from other people’s experiences. Listening to others being coached can also feel like the coaching is meant for you!

Hi, I'm Julie Anne Christophe! From a very early age I knew that I did not fit into society’s box, nor did I care to. In the span of 8 months I left a broken marriage, got stuck with a money pit of a house, lost a bundle in a failing business, and ended up both financially and spiritually empty – with two kids to care for. 

Drained of everything, I put my most valuable assets to work -- my faith, my optimism, and my determination -- and made the courageous choice to take a radical path inward.

I experienced first hand the pain and emptiness of feeling not important and not worthy. I jumped on a journey to transform and heal myself. I wanted to feel HAPPY and FREE and I knew it had to come from me – from inside of me. I had to discover who I was and allow my true self to emerge. 

My life felt dull and boring. My job was unfulfilling and most of my relationships were superficial. I was at a point where I wanted depth, connection, meaning, happiness and most of all to feel FREE and at peace with myself!! So I hopped on the journey of a lifetime and  saw how awesome and freeing it felt to simply be ME so I dedicated my life to my own transformation so I could serve others. 

You can let go of the beliefs of “I am not good enough”, “I am not wanted”, “I am not important”, “I am not worthy” hiding deep inside. Those programs created fears of being rejected, tossed aside, not being important or loved, not accepted and not seen. These experiences shaped you and come from the environment you grew up in and how people treated you. Now, if those are all deep seated unconscious programs that are keeping you disconnected from who you truly are, it means that the REAL YOU is there somewhere… hidden. 

It is now time to shift these programs and beliefs and FREE YOURSELF from the grasp your past has on you. It’s time to claim who you truly are and create the life you’re destined to live!

I know what it’s like to find your freedom and it’s almost impossible to do it alone. I spent the last 15 years studying human behavior, spirituality, and different modalities to deepen my understanding and wisdom about how the Human and Soul are meant to work together so we can experience the life we came here to live as Humans.

Helping people transform, grow and find freedom in being their True  Self is my expertise.


I created this community because I know how much the cost of living has increased in the past 2 years and transformational one-on-one coaching takes time and can get expensive when you aim for deep healing/transformation. Because living a happy and fulfilling life should not be dependent on how deep you can reach into your pockets, I want to offer a space for people to continue their self-evolution journey at a very affordable cost and still receive guidance, coaching, mentorship and training of high quality. 


"I have been on a path for personal growth for the past few years and YJTF was the next obvious and important step for me in regaining my power, celebrating my self-worth and self-love.  Julie Anne has a magical way to guide you throughout the whole process and it has been extremely helpful and comforting but what it has made me realize the most is that I NEED to be there for myself FIRST.

Do not hesitate any longer… you will not regret diving into your true essence and coming out of it stronger and lighter."

– Sophie B.


“My journey with Julie Anne has been one of the most fundamental and powerful spiritually connecting experiences of my life. We went to really hard places, really illuminating spaces, and all through tailored phases based on where I was in my process. She helped me build my own foundation to stand and grow on, a foundation powered by MY own purpose and values regardless of what chaos is swirling around me. Before working with her, I 'knew' what my essence was...  Though after working with her, I am a living, breathing manifestation of my essence. The best part of working with Julie Anne: she's so connected and tuned in that, if you're committed enough, she can facilitate your breakthrough from lifetime patterns of pain. In fact, she'll bring you way further than that. She will bring you deep into your essence.”

– Taylor Anna Garrett

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