Welcome to Transformational Tarot!
A NEW TOOL designed to empower you!

Transformational Tarot is a powerful way to receive guidance and bring clarity to your life.  

Traditional tarot is about “predicting” the future or telling us what is going to happen.  This completely disempowers us and leaves most of us at the mercy of the future. 

When we understand that the future is not set in stone, and that anything can change based on your choices, you start taking your power in your own hands.  When you're aware of something, you can change it.

Hi, I am Julie Anne Christophe, Life Catalyst, Mentor, Tarot reader and Intuitive. The way Transformational Tarot is used helps you receive clear guidance about what needs to change, what is in your way and what is the best course of action to move forward in alignment with your true self.  

Transformational Tarot is not about “knowing the future”, it’s about stepping into your power.

Whether it’s for an exciting and different girls night or for an individual reading, I will bring clarity to what is happening in your life now, coach you through what is blocking you and guide you to create the best outcome possible.



YES!  I want a Transformational Tarot reading!!

Quick Clarity

$101 CAD

For someone who seeks clarity on a couple of questions and want to know the best course of action.


Seeking Guidance

$177 CAD

For those who want to dig deeper into the blocks and energies present in the situation at hand and find  the best course of action moving forward.


If you are wanting to book a group session, 

please book a Discovery Call with Julie.