What would you do if you had a power SO BIG it could transform your life??


Did you know that you have a hidden strength inside of you? Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten how to use it.

I call it our hidden strength because it’s the one thing that cannot be taken away from us. It’s also the one thing that we can use to change our experience of the world.

Your hidden strength is your Power to Choose… What if you could reawaken it???

You could learn to:

  • Say no without feeling guilty.
  • Speak your truth without fearing what people think.
  • Stop doubting yourself when making a decision.
  • Do things for yourself without worrying about others.

When we understand how to use our Power to Choose consciously, day by day we feel better about ourselves, we become more confident and we end up creating the life we truly want to experience.

When you don’t know how to use your power to choose you feel drained because everyone else is a priority. Or you’re overwhelmed because you keep saying yes to things when your schedule is already full. Perhaps your environment is stressing you out and puts pressure on you because you simply are scared to express what you truly want and what you really feel.

Maybe you are at a point where you know your life needs to make a complete 180 in order for you to experience happiness and freedom but you simply can’t bring yourself to take the leap.

What if you could use your hidden strength to change everything?
What are you willing to do to reawaken that power?

It’s time to start your own personal Change Revolution and Reawaken your Power to Choose!

By the time you finish the series Reawaken Your Power to Chose you will be able to pinpoint:

  • Where you lose your power.
  • What triggers you into an autopilot that is not working for your best life.
  • Any accompanying behavioural default patterns that absolutely need to go.

But I don’t just leave you there, I’m giving you 3 simple steps that will effectively show you how to claim your ultimate power back once and for all! 

What are you waiting for?

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Julie Anne Christophe knew from a very early age that she did not fit into society’s box, nor did she care to. In the span of 8 months she left a broken marriage, got stuck with a money pit of a house, lost a bundle in a failing business, and ended up both financially and spiritually empty – with two kids to care for. 

Drained of everything, Julie Anne put her most valuable assets to work -- her faith, her optimism, and her determination -- and made the courageous choice to take a radical path inward. This led her to deepen the transformational work she was doing with her mentor, who guided her towards building a whole new life by diving into her true divine assignments and manifesting her soul purposed life. Julie Anne managed to turn everything that was crumbling down around her into personal and professional opportunities. Now she is building the life she was destined to live as a mentor and transformational teacher for humanity.

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